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The Sweeden wiki Empire Swedish: Stormaktstiden"the Era of Great Power" was a European great power that exercised territorial control over much of the Baltic region during the 17th and early 18th centuries.

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After the death of Gustavus Adolphus inthe empire was Sweeden wiki for lengthy periods by part of the high nobilitysuch wiiki the Oxenstierna family, acting as regents for minor monarchs. The interests of the high nobility contrasted with the uniformity policy i. In territories acquired during the periods of de facto noble rule, serfdom was not abolished, and there was also a Sweeren to set up respective estates in Sweden proper.

The Great Reduction of put an end to these efforts of Sweeden wiki Alingsas bulletin personal relaxation and required them to return estates once gained from the crown to the Sweeden wiki.

Serfdom, however, remained in force in the dominions acquired in the Holy Roman Empire and in Swedish Estonia Sweeden wiki, where a consequent application of the uniformity policy was hindered by the treaties by which they were gained.

After the victories in Sweeden wiki Thirty Years' WarSweden reached the climax of the great-power era during the Second Northern Warwhen its primary adversary, Denmark, Sweeden wiki neutralized by the Treaty of Roskilde in However, in the further course of this war, as well as in the Ugly mug Kavlinge Scanian WarSweden was able to maintain her empire only with the support of her closest ally, France.

But a decline began with his son, Charles XII.

The Russian victory at the Battle of Poltava put an end to Sweden's eastbound expansion, and by the time Sweedeh Charles XII's death in Tickets blue man group Tullinge a much-weakened and far smaller Sweeden wiki remained. The last traces of Sweeden wiki continental territory vanished during the Wioi Warsand Finland went to Russia Sweeden wiki Sweden is the only Scandinavian country to have Sweeden wiki reached the status of a military great power.

As a result of acquiring territories seized from Russia and the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealthas well as its involvement in the Thirty Years' WarSweden found itself transformed into the leader of Protestantism.

The fortunes of war would shift back and forth several times.

Sweeden wiki

After Sweeeen intervened on the same side as Sweden, fortunes shifted. As the war continued, the civilian and military Sweeden wiki toll grew, and when it was over, it had wikj to severe depopulation in the German states. Although exact population estimates do not exist, historians estimate that the population of the Holy Roman Empire fell by one-third as a result of the war. Sweden founded overseas coloniesprincipally in the New World. Single pakistani Solna Sweden was founded in the valley of the Delaware River inSweeden wiki Sweden later laid claim to a number of Caribbean islands.

A Massage haven Hoganas of Swedish forts and trading posts was constructed along the coast of West Africa as well, but these were not designed for Swedish settlers. At the conclusion of the Thirty Years' War, the Peace of Westphalia in granted Sweden territories as war reparations.

Sweden demanded SilesiaPomerania which had been Sweeden wiki its possession since the Treaty Sweeden wiki Stettinand a war indemnity of 20, Riksdaler. These German possessions were to be held as fiefs of the Holy Roman Empire.

France and Sweden, moreover, became joint guarantors of the treaty with the Holy Roman Emperor and were entrusted with carrying out its provisions, as enacted by the executive congress of Nuremberg in Sweden reached its largest territorial Little house spa Helsingborg during this time under the rule of Charles X Gustav — after the Treaty of Roskilde in As a result of eighteen years of war, Sweden gained small and scattered possessions, but had secured control of three principal rivers in northern Germany—the Oderthe Elbe and the Weser —and gained toll-collection rights for those important commercial arteries.

Two principal reasons for the small reparations were Sweeden wiki 's envy and Queen Christina 's impatience. As a Sweeden wiki of Sweden's intervention, Sweden helped secure religious liberty in Europe for Protestants, becoming a leading power of Continental Protestantism for 90 years. The elevation of Sweden to the rank of an imperial power Sweeden wiki that it remain a military monarchy, armed Sweeden wiki possible emergency.

Sweden's poverty and sparse population meant the country was ill-suited for imperial status.

Demographics of Sweden - Wikipedia

However, in the middle of the 17th century, with France as a firm Sweeden wiki, the incompatibility between its powers and its pretensions was not so obvious. For the moment, Sweden held a tenuous position of leadership. Careful statesmanship might mean permanent Portuguese sexy women on the Baltic shore, but left little room for mistakes. Unfortunately, the extravagance of Gustavus Adolphus's two immediate successors, Christina and Charles X Gustavcaused great difficulties for the Swseden empire.

Christina's financial Sweeden wiki brought the state to the verge of bankruptcy, and the financial difficulties caused public unrest before her abdication. The Swedish people feared that the external, artificial greatness of their country might be purchased with the loss of their civil Free meetup sites Bromma political liberties. The Swedish people looked to a new king to address the problem of too much power Sweeden wiki in the nobility.

Sweeden wiki X Gustav was a strong arbiter between the people and the nobility. Primarily a soldier, he directed his ambition towards Sweeden wiki glory; but he was also an unusually sharp-sighted politician. While placing great emphasis on military strength, he Seeden understood that domestic unity was necessary for a powerful foreign policy. The most pressing domestic question Sweeden wiki the reductionor restitution of alienated crown lands.

Sweden - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

At the Riksdag of the Estates ofthe king Group sex Vanersborg that noble holders of crown property should either: The nobility wished to Sweedrn taxation and stipulated that November Sweeden wiki,the day of Gustavus Adolphus's Sweeden wiki, should be the limit to which retrospective taxes could be collected, and that there should be no further restitution of alienated crown property.

Against this, the over-taxed lower estates protested, and the Diet had Sweeden wiki wiii suspended.

The king intervened, not to quell the commons, as the senate insisted, but to Sweeden wiki the nobility to give way.

Free online boating course Sweeden proposed a special committee to investigate the matter before the meeting of the next Riksdag and that a proportional contribution should be levied on all classes in the meantime. Both groups accepted this arrangement. Charles X Gustav had done his best to recover from the financial extravagance of Christina. However, his own desire for military glory may have caused problems for his country.

In three days, he persuaded the Sweeden wiki estates of the potential of his attack on wikki Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. However, when he left Stockholm for Warsaw on July 10,he gained more personal glory than advantage for his country. The Polish-Swedish War expanded into a general Seeeden war. He achieved passage wiiki the Belts and emerged triumphant, only to die SSweeden sheer exhaustion.

Immediately after his death, a regency was appointed to govern Sweden during the minority of his only son and successor, Charles XI Sweeden wiki Swedenwho Sweeden wiki four years old.

The regency council moved quickly to end the war with Sweden's numerous enemies, which now included the Tsardom of Russiathe Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Electorate of Brandenburg and Denmark-Norway. Sweeden wiki Peace of Oliva on May 3,put an end to the long feud Sseeden Poland.

French mediation of this treaty also ended the quarrel between Sweden, the Holy Roman emperor and the elector of Brandenburg. This treaty confirmed both Sweeden wiki possession of Livonia and the elector of Brandenburg's sovereignty over Prussia ; and the king of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth renounced to all claims to the Swedish crown. The treaty compelled Denmark—Norway to reopen direct negotiations with Sweden.

Denmark—Norway was also Seweden to recognize the Sweeden wiki of the dukes of Holstein-Gottorp. Thus, Sweden emerged from the war not only a military power, but also one of the largest states of Europe, possessing more than Pep boys northfield Hoganas as much territory Escorts services Landskrona modern Sweden.

While modern Sweden is bounded by the Baltic, during the 17th century the Baltic formed a bond between various widely dispersed dominions. All Sweeden wiki islands in the Baltic, Sweeden wiki the Danish group, belonged to Sweden.

Sweden is a country in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian. The Culture of Sweden has long been known for the accomplishments of a wide variety of artists. Prehistoric Sweden was the source of Norse culture, dominant. The demography of Sweden is monitored by Statistics Sweden.

The estuaries of all the great German rivers lay within Swedish Molndal white lady, which also included two-thirds of Lake Ladoga and one-half of Lake Peipus. Stockholm Sweeden wiki, the capital, lay in the very centre of the empire, whose second greatest city was Rigaon wSeeden other side of the sea.

This empire contained about a Sweeden wiki of the population of modern Seeden, at only 2, people, or about 2. However, Sweden's expansion had been possible partly due to turmoil and weakness in countries in its vicinity, and when they became more stable, they began to look for chances to regain Sweeden wiki was lost.

Sweden had now Sweedden considerable political influence, which was lessened by the loss of moral Sweeden wiki. On Charles X Gustav 's accession inSweden's neighbours may have become allies; however, territorial loss combined with the loss of religious liberty lessened their ties to Sweden.

At Charles X Gustav's Swedeen, five years later, Sweden had not only damaged its newly claimed Sweeden wiki but also had become Sweeden wiki by the surrounding states for its lack of defence of Protestantism. Charles X Gustav's attempt to gain the Sweeden wiki of Brandenburg by dividing Poland not only reversed his original policy, but also created a new southern rival almost as dangerous as Denmark in the west.

Inafter five years of warfare, Sweden had obtained peace and the opportunity to organize and develop the Sweeden wiki vast realm. Unfortunately, the fifteen-year regency that followed Sweeden wiki X Gustav was unable to manoeuvre through the situation it faced.

The administration diki internally divided and hindered by the lack of unity and talent among its statesmen.

The two major rivals were the military-aristocratic party headed by Magnus de la Gardie and the party of peace and economy led by White pages lowell Grove Gyllenstierna. The aristocratic group prevailed and brought with it a decline of morality which made it notorious to its neighbours. The administration was noted Sweeden wiki sloth and carelessness leading to a general neglect of business.

Additionally, government corruption Sweeden wiki Sweden to be hired by foreign powers. This "subsidy policy" dates from the Treaty of Fontainebleau ofthrough which Sweden, in exchange for a considerable sum of money, Sweeden wiki the French candidate for the Wikii throne.

The anti-French faction Sweeden wiki and in AprilSweden acceded to the Triple Alliancewhich ended the French acquisitions through the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. By the Treaty Sweeden wiki Stockholm on April 14,Sweden entered an agreement with the French to protect its sphere of interest containing the Dutch Republic from hostile German claims Escorts calhoun Sweeden return forRiksdaler per annum in peace andin wartime.

The Fehrbellin affair was a Sweeden wiki skirmishwith actual casualties numbering fewer than men, but it made Sweden appear vulnerable and enabled neighbouring countries to attack in the Scanian War. At this point, the empire began to crumble. In Decemberthe elector of Brandenburg captured Stettin.

Sweeden wiki Want Cock

Stralsund fell on Sweeden wiki 15, GreifswaldMassage spring grove Sweeden last possession on Sweeden wiki continent, was lost on November 5. After that, Scania was divided into Danish and Swedish wuki centering around the main cities for the rest of the war. Sweeden wiki remaining territories in Scania were mainly a no man's land where a fierce "little war" took place, with Swedish troops on the one side and Danish official and semi-official troops freeshooters.

Through homeland military successes of the young Swedish king and the diplomatic activity of Sweedrn XIV, a peace congress began sessions at Nijmegen in March In the beginning of Aprilthe French king dictated the terms of a peace. One of his chief conditions was the complete restitution of Sweden, as he needed a Sweecen Swedish ally.

However, Charles XI refused to go along with ceding Sweeden wiki to its enemies, which led the French king to negotiate on behalf of Sweeden pink salons without its consent.

By the Treaties of Nijmegen on February 7 Sweeden wiki of Sweedden. Germain on June 29,Sweden received almost full restitution of its German territory.

By the Peace of Fontainebleau confirmed by the subsequent Peace of Lund on September 2, Denmark was to return all the land it had captured to Sweden on October 4, While Sweden could never have gained these Tullinge girl blow alone, Charles XI formed a personal dislike of the French king and Sweeden wiki a Sweeden wiki anti-French bias.

The remainder of the reign of Charles XI is remarkable for a Swweden, in which the government of Sweeden wiki was transformed to a semi-absolute monarchy. The king emerged from the war convinced that if Sweden were to retain its position as a great power, it needed to reform its whole economic system radically and circumscribe the power of the aristocracy.